Mann Realty Associates is a leading full service, integrated residential real estate investment and manage-ment company.

Mann Realty Associates was founded in 1980 as a property management firm by Maurice Mann, an entrepreneurial real estate owner and manager. In 1982, Mann acquired three buildings in Harlem which have thrived over the years and which the company owns to this day. The early acquisition and subsequent renovation of those buildings helped to lay the foundation and determine the direction of Mann Realty Associates as it became one of New York’s most innovative investment, management and brokerage companies.

A high point in the history of Mann Realty Associates was the syndicated transaction with a major builder/
developer for the purchase of a mixed-use, 42-story high rise at 38th Street and Sixth Avenue. The property, which combined luxury apartments with ground-floor retail and commercial office space, won the Real Estate Board of New York’s “Most Ingenious Deal of the Year” award.

Mann Realty Associates continues to acquire and invest in property that matches the parameters of its company’s investment needs and those of its equity partners. We own, manage or have equity in dozens of properties, apartment buildings and retail block-fronts, which when taken together have a market value of nearly half-a-billon dollars.


A native New Yorker, Maurice Mann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Boston University and is a graduate of The Harvard Business School.

Upon graduation from Harvard, Mr. Mann joined the NEW YORK TIMES, working in the Financial Marketing Department. Interested in real estate for many years, he subsequently started his own Real Estate Property Management Company.

He currently owns /and or manages 20 buildings. The buildings are comprised of approximately 1,500 residential units, with a market value in excess of $1,000,000,000. Additionally, Mr. Mann is a New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker.

From 2006 to 2010, Mr. Mann formed and became a majority owner in a new company that handled the exclusive management for two of the country’s largest public REITs and was also asset manager for other Investment Trusts. This company, in conjunction with Mann Realty, managed well over $1 billion worth of high-end residential real estate in Manhattan only.

After a devastating fire that destroyed two midtown buildings (in which he was instrumental in vacating 38 commercial tenants for the developer), Mr. Mann, along with an associate broker, spearheaded a development project resulting in a new luxury 46-story high rise apartment building. The project was awarded The Most Ingenious Deal Of The Year award for the year 2000 by The Real Estate Board of New York. In the last two years, Mr. Mann has been involved in the condo conversion of several buildings, i.e., 1200 Fifth Avenue; an Emery Roth building, and 314 West 100th Street. Mr. Mann and Mann Realty Associates were recently presented with a Certificate of Award by the Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, recognition of our historic restoration of 36 Gramercy Park East which was named the most beautifully restored building in the Gramercy Park area. Mr. Mann is currently involved in the restoration and condo conversion of two Central Park West rental buildings which he has owned for over 20 year and, is actively involved in a major ground up development for 200 rental units in the newly re-emerging Central Harlem community.

Mr. Mann is an active member of The Executive Committee of Small Property Owners of New York (SPONY), an Executive Member of the Housing Court Reform Committee of the Rent Stabilization Association, and is on the Board of Directors of Direct Effect, the HIV-AIDS Research Support Program at The Rockefeller University. Mr. Mann is also a member of The Gramercy Park Block Association whose mission is to protect and preserve the Gramercy Park area. Most recently, Mr. Mann was invited to be a panelist at the Young Jewish Professionals Business/Real Estate Symposium where he was presented with an award for his contributions to Real Estate Development.

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